Libraries Aren’t Going Anywhere

Librarians are aware that technology is booming; they know because of our tech crazed world the library must adapt. Libraries still hold relevance in today’s society. Libraries are increasing the amount of digital media, learning about different new electronics (so they can help people with their tech problems), and using social media to their advantage.

Libraries aren’t going anywhere.

“It’s no secret that digital technology ranging from e-books to social media is forcing public libraries to innovate and adapt, and patrons are beginning to rethink what defines a library. For instance, a 2012 survey from Pew Research found that while many patrons still want to use libraries for borrowing books, they’re also increasingly thinking of them as community spaces that enable access to technology and digital literacy for residents.

Two libraries that are adapting to 21st century technologies are the Kansas City Public Library (KCPL) and the Lewis and Clark Library in Montana. Former and current Big Reads grantees respectively, these two libraries are using technology in… Read more