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The new library is currently underway and is set to open in late Summer 2017. The Library Foundation is continuing its efforts to raise $2.1 million to offset the costs for Aberdeen citizens. Please consider donating to the new library. This is an exciting new addition to the services offered in Aberdeen. Gifts of $1,000 or more will be included on our donor wall inside the library. Consider a gift in memory of a loved one who valued our community and the education opportunities provided. For naming opportunities ($15,000 and above), please call Troy McQuillen at 605-380-4068. Thank you for your consideration. – Alexander Mitchell Public Library Foundation.


Naming Opportunities For New Library

Aberdeen-LibraryAs the fundraising continues on the new library building, the Library Foundation has announced opportunities for individuals and companies to attach their name to the project. Gifts can be made over a five-year period and giving can be deferred anytime within the five years for naming opportunities. All gifts must be paid in full by 2020. If commitments to other projects will be completed in two-three years, a pledge may be made to begin three years from now. We’re happy to work within anyone’s needs. To make a pledge or request a visit, contact Library Foundation president, Troy McQuillen at 605-380-4068 or

Library Building                $1,000,000
Adult Reading Area             $400,000
Children’s Area                     $200,000
Children Program Room     $50,000 TAKEN
Historical Archive Room     $75,000
Multipurpose/Kitchen          $50,000 TAKEN
Meeting Room A                    $100,000
Meeting Room B                    $50,000 TAKEN
Meeting Room C                    $25,000 TAKEN
Study Rooms (6)                     $15,000 TAKEN
Study Room (large)               $25,000 TAKEN
Outdoor Area                          $75,000 TAKEN
Administration Area             $25,000
Teen Area                                $50,000 TAKEN


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Aberdeen’s New Library Open House

Aberdeen’s New Library Open House!



Come on out to the library located at 519 Kline St. on Tuesday, July 21st and Wednesday, July 22nd between 4:00-6:00 pm. There will be floor and design plans shown of the new library for the community to be able to come in and look at. Along with that, there will also be representatives from the Library Foundation Board and the Library Board of Trusties on hand that will be able to answer any questions or talk through concerns considering the new library. 



Libraries and Technology coming together

“Technology is not overtaking the library, it is joining it…

There is no doubt that technology has had a lasting impact on libraries. Once thought to be going the way of traditional bookstores, libraries have rebounded and are thriving in a technology fueled world. With the help of innovation, re-imagination and vision, libraries are embracing new technologies while creating dynamic community centers filled with life. They are no longer a house of dusty books and card files; they are centers of creativity, research and collaboration…and they are free.

Technology has changed the expectations of library patrons; people today expect to be able to find and access information from wherever they are. This is why so many…Read more

Libraries Are Not Just For The Best Sellers: Reference Librarians

Check out this blog post that explains why libraries are not just for the best sellers and the importance of reference librarians in our libraries.

“Get away from the top 10 best sellers and find something new…

One recent Saturday morning I woke up and our toilet didn’t work. My first instinct was to get The Mr. to come fix it, but he works nights and had just gotten home so I wanted to let him sleep. I loaded my kids into the car and we walked into our local Lowe’s store. The first associate I asked for help didn’t know what I needed, but he walked me to the plumbing counter where I proceeded to ask for “the thingy in the toilet behind the thingy.” And yes, I really did say thingy twice. After he asked me a few questions he knew exactly what I needed and we got the part. I even somewhat successfully replaced it myself when I got home, although that is not the point of this story, the customer service at Lowe’s is.

Not too long ago a man came into my library wearing slacks, a button up shirt and a tie. He signed up to use a computer, which sits right next to the Reference Desk where I sit. After a few minutes working he started asking me some questions. It turns out that he was recently laid off and he was trying to apply for jobs. So we began talking resumes. He asked if he needed…Read mor

Libraries are Adapting

Do we still need libraries? Our world is being taken over by technology, does that mean that they will be lost? In fact, no! Libraries are adapting.

“Are E-readers taking over the library?…

Once upon a time, a library was just about the only place that someone could go to get a book or go to read for free. Librarians knew their turf inside and out. Card catalogs were an essential part of stock organization. After this became outdated, the Dewey Decimal System reigned supreme. Libraries all over the country thrived as one of the main providers of free books and education.

Then came the advent of the internet, and that changed everything. Before long, books were available on different sites on the web, and many companies and organizations strove to catalog and digitize as many books as they legally could. It was only a matter of time until Kindle, Nook, and other ereaders swept the scene. Along with them came the ebook and the ability…Read more

Saving Our Public Libraries in a Paperless World

Just because our lives are becoming more and more focused on technology, does not mean that our libraries are becoming less important.

Check out this article “Saving Our Public Libraries in a Paperless World”

“Just because we can go paperless does not mean that we should…

With all the emphasis lately on paperless, ebooks, the Internet, and so on, it may seem that the humble community library that we all grew up with is under attack. But there’s plenty of evidence that the library is changing with the times and has as big a role in our society as ever—and it’s getting some staunch defenders. We wanted to do our part.

Faced with tight budgets and cutbacks, local and state governments have been cutting library budgets, even as the economy is improving. Some detractors are even saying…Read more 

We Can Not Lose Our Libraries

Libraries are a vital resource for many people. Not everyone has access to internet, books, quiet study spaces, etc at home. The library allows everyone free access to all of these; we can not lose our libraries.

“If we are not careful we could lose much more than just a library building…

Public libraries in America are under attack. If we’re not careful, we could lose one of our nation’s most valuable learning and community resources.

In an American Library Association (ALA) survey of 7,260 public libraries on public usage and funding for the budget year 2011-2012, 57% of participating libraries reported that their funding was flat or decreased. Twenty-three states cut funding for public libraries – the third year in a row that 40% of states did so.

No doubt one reason for this erosion of financial support for public libraries is that we live in…Read more

Libraries Are a Social Place

Libraries are not just places where you can check out books, do research on computers, or get information from a librarians- libraries are a social place. Forget the stigma of the shushing librarian and think about who you could meet at the library. Libraries are a meeting place and a place for community.

“As librarians, we know the value of our community services, and our patrons appreciate their importance as well. But in an increasingly digital world, we see the role of libraries as community and cultural centers at times undervalued, and occasionally under fire. When shrinking municipal budgets combine with the nonstop technological revolution, public library services that focus on building community face-to-face, inspiring and educating patrons about art, literature, and music, and helping patrons engage in civil discourse can seem quaint. But it is precisely those shrinking budgets and the onslaught of technologically mediated life that make public libraries’ cultural and community offerings more important than ever.

David Morris wrote a stirring piece last May in which he argues for the value that public libraries bring to their communities.[1] More than just books and banks of computers, libraries are still places where individuals gather to explore, interact, and imagine. We decided to take a look at some of the specific ways in which libraries add value to our communities and serve as cultural centers for our patrons. We separated library services into five very broad…Read more